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Tortoise and the Hare: That Fable Is A Lie

This fable has been lying to us. And our children. It is why we find ourselves surrounded by millenials. It is why there is a sense of entitlement, and it is based on assumptions so far off the bea...


REAL Book Marketing

So yeah, book marketing.  Discoverability.  Getting it out there.  Finding people that are even remotely interested in giving away their money in exchange for something I created. &n...

from Fargus Larbis


Steam rises from my coffee cup.  It gives the liquid inside it a sense of depth, a sense of character.  I focus on it closely, blurring the objects further off into the distance behind it...


Stay Away From The Beach

The short walk across top-warm sand down to the shore before we stake our three to four hour tiny claim of land is always a little thrilling. From the wooden and weathered boardwalk, we gingerly de...


Why World Peace Will Never Exist – Just Sayin’

I Broke The Cardinal Rule Of Fiction Writing. The story is king. One of the things I did in my book, that I probably won't do in my next, is to break from traditional formatting. Make no mistake about it--it was deliberate. I departed from tra...


Why Do Editors Hate Adverbs?

Adverbs are the middle child, the step-child, the weird aunt in love with her eighteen cats, and cannot function on a normal, sociological level. Editors, especially, it seems, do not get along wel...