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Explore Sek Necklace, Onyx Zircon and more!

LENA: 899 SEK necklace & earrings set in onyx & zircon. Available until stocks last. Click to shop now!

CAROLINE: ‘Must-have’ 899 SEK gold-tone necklace that will ignite any outfit and emit beams of elegance. Click for details.

STINA: Update your jewelry box with this 'one of a kind' 3999 SEK handmade necklace. Made with uncut Zircon pieces, pearls and hand-painted enamel. Click for more information.

MONICA: An array of 1199 SEK frosty zircon pieces centering and englobing the gold-tone necklace to turn any simple outfit to an exotic one! Click for more details.

MAGDA: A lively 399 SEK pendant, crafted with delicacy where a discrete Rainbow Moonstone gemstone is placed in its core. Make it yours with a click!

GINA: The gold-tone 2999 SEK masterpiece necklace is inspired by the old heritage of red Indians. Available until stocks last.

SOPHIE: The 699 SEK necklace features the beautiful silver-tone oversized spheres that pavé an elegant silver necklace. Click & purchase now.

ALICE: The freshwater pearls are handpicked with delicacy and arrayed to give a beautiful 1299 SEK gold-tone necklace! Click on the pin for more details.

CARINA: Array of classic breathtaking single-line of Ruby gemstones that will blow your mind away. Available for 599 SEK. Click to shop now!

MARY: A 925 sterling silver plated vintage finish necklace that nestles on your collarbones and magnifies the beautiful details of your neck. Available for 1099 SEK until stocks last.