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Have you ever wanted to help fight climate change, but weren't too sure how? Or even just wanted to live a more environmentally friendly life? Well, you'd be shocked how easy it can be to make a difference and become more eco-friendly. Follow these green tips from Lifehack and you'll be on the right track to protect the environment against climate change and becoming more eco-friendly.

EDUCATION. Education is the #1 goal for Earthborn Holistic® during Earth Week. We want YOU, our followers, to become informed on the many ways that YOU can give back to this precious Earth we live on! Earth Week is very important to our company because we truly believe in giving back to our customers, pets AND environment in as many ways possible! Here's a few tips on how you can do you part for the environment in a "pet-friendly" way. #GreenPetTips #DidYouKnow? #EarthWeek