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Have you ever wanted to help fight climate change, but weren't too sure how? Or even just wanted to live a more environmentally friendly life? Well, you'd be shocked how easy it can be to make a difference and become more eco-friendly. Follow these green tips from Lifehack and you'll be on the right track to protect the environment against climate change and becoming more eco-friendly.

The future of food... with pink LEDs? PlantLab grows crops with 90% less water:

Pay for your subway ride in Beijing by recycling a plastic bottle

Recycling becomes fun when there are rewards involved. It's just unfortunate that that's what it takes to get people to care.

IMPACT #2: With sea levels rising is about how for the sea level rise for the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington: the pas, present, and future coast of California are affected by a number of factors which include climate patterns such as El Nino, effects of the melting of modern and ancient ice sheets, and geologic processes such as plate tectonics

#‎ThrowBackThursday‬ Have a look at this blog post we done on Dublin’s Bike to Work Scheme, a greener more environmentally friendly way to travel to work. Have you got a bike to work scheme where you live?