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If you don't agree then unfollow me, I don't give a flying fuck. This is true and I refuse to deny it because it 'makes you uncomfortable'{I'm deleting all comments because honestly what the fuck is wrong with you asshats. It's too much for a non straight couple to want to kiss?}

gay girls true love cute lesbian couple relationship romantic romance lgbt lgbtq kisses cuddles and once again: cute af

Your happiness as a girl maybe with a guy yet me being a girl too i know is with a girl. shouldnt i get my fairytale ending? and shouldnt those two guys? Its america home of the free right? Well my american dream isnt a picket fence and a guy holdingmy hand. I want a girl of my dreams holding my hand! And live on the mountains:) LGBT > Perfect!

LGBT - the difference between gay/lesbian/homosexual love and straight/heterosexual love - I'm sorry but I can't see the difference

Homo History: Gay Men of Color in Vintage Photos

In Honor of Black History Month: Vintage African American Gay Couples vintage found photo men in vintage suits

Show off your pride as a bride with this cute LGBT couple design featuring the text “Bride With Pride” to celebrate your love! Perfect for an engaged to be married LGBT couple; lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, all inclusive queer couples and their right to marry! Love is love! (white)

Bride With Pride (White) | Racerback Tank

Show off your pride as a bride with this cute LGBT couple design featuring the…