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1920s champion surfer Thomas E. Blake Handsome isn't he? Got that broody thing going on.


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This is a genuine photo of a deceased John Dillinger, for some reason with two women in bathing suits leaning up against the glass to view him along with a crowd of men. Can only suppose it was a hot day at the morgue

A Hot Vintage Man; He's not looking at the camera cuz he's thinking about the good time we had last night. *wink wink*

Nascar , Fireball Roberts' 1957 Ford.Oldschool Nascar Racers Had Power Nothing . Brakes, Steering , Coolsuits...

1930 Duesenberg Model-J 331-2347 Convertible Coupe Murphy

Prince Felix Yusupov. This classy dude was rich as hell, and really, really, really ridiculously good looking. At times, he was a cross dresser and liked to hang out in bars. But most of the time, he was a gentleman. He was also the leader of the group who killed Grigori Rasputin, the holy man who was influencing the Czarina. Some say that he even was in some kind of relationship with Rasputin at one point, which is kind of interesting.