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V ... My baby ... please stay happy and don't be sad. Please, you've been very quiet and avoiding we WILL SUPPORT you do not feel upset we are here for you and you are an amazing person and you have inspired so many people with your genuine self ... xx we love you --- FROM ARMY

Imagem de jhope and bts

"BTS Chibi" by fantasy-lover-0719 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bts, bangtan, taehyung, suga, jewelry, fillers, pin jewelry, tops, jungkook and backgrounds

AHH adorable baby jungkookieee ugh is this what everybody thought while watching 21 century girls Halloween ver?? Because I wish it was what I thought of >< AGH ITS SO CUTEeee "buing buing ^^ ~~"

"Chibi BTS" by cmarnoldrr ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring taehyung, home, home decor, wall art, bts, fillers, jungkook, kookie, intimates and jimin