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Chinese FDI in Europe and Germany - Publications - Mercator Institute for China Studies

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Patrick Chovanec on

Half of investment in China stocks is coming from margin lending and bank/trust products …

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Kenneth Rapoza on

#China muni banks used their bank loans to fund infrastructure and public transportation like roads and bridges.

Where the US is more popular (blue countries) & where China is more popular (red countries) …

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People's Daily,China on

Chinese govt, securities regulator & financial institutions join hands to halt market slide …

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Wall Street Journal on

Chinese tourists will spend $229 billion abroad in 2015

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Live-Streaming Apps Flourish in China

Olivia Fuyao Geng ‏@keikogfy May 11 Live-streaming apps flourish in China, writes China Circuit columnist @LiYuan6 via @WSJ

Infographic/China Mapping Silk Road Initiative - Infographic/China Mapping - Publications - Mercator Institute for China Studies

The Silk Road was a vast system of trade routes that connected China with tas far as Rome.

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative will boost connections, but at the cost of simplicity