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As cloud computing and web based accounting software becomes more and more a part of modern enterprise, early fears about security in the cloud are dissipating rapidly. However, many CFOs are still hesitant about moving core financials into the cloud. However, according to my gp cloud, that will soon be changing too.

How To Secure Your Data In Cloud Storage? With increasing Digital Data usage it has become essential to store data securely in the Cloud. The use cases for this may vary starting from storing huge data from your computer to the cloud storing important data like your legal documents family photos and videos to the cloud or even sharing of sensitive data that you have uploaded to the cloud. For desktop users its easier to access data remotely with cloud while for mobile users it saves a lot…

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What Is “The Cloud” In Cloud Computing?

Customizing or clearing iCloud is a multi-step process across all of your Apple devices and the cloud itself.

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Permissions and Identities in the Cloud

Permissions and Identities in the Cloud is among the core components of a cloud computing platform. This guarantee installation and manageability of identities.

Living In the Cloud - learn about adding your photos and documents to the "cloud". Walk away with a basic understanding of storing information on your computer's hardrive vs. the cloud. Class starts April 9th at Gates Chili HS - call 585.349-5680 for more information

Towering Cumulus Clouds. I would NOT want to be anywhere near these clouds. The updrafts and downdrafts inside could tear any airplane apart.

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IBM's New Quantum Computing Move Marks A New Era For Cloud Computing

Before today, we used the cloud to access greater capability at lower cost. Now, for the first time, anybody can access capabilities that virtually no one—even large firms and sovereign nations—could before.


#CloudComputing : #PaaS , #IaaS providers keep the cloud market moving - Thirteen cloud service providers to watch in 2013

Amazon Web Services may be at the top of the cloud computing market, but other cloud service providers are making a splash. These PaaS and IaaS providers are ones to watch in | Cloud Computing Around The World

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The Beginner's Guide to the Cloud

The beginner's guide to the cloud. Your local storage is local, right there on your computer. However when you upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook.... etc. you are uploading it to the cloud. That's why you can access it no matter where you are. Here's also what the cloud is.....