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wiccateachings: Orbs are balls of light that many people will see or have seen at some point in their lives. What they are is argued about quite frequently, some say they are balls of energy, others say they are visiting spirits, and some say they are omens or warnings.Orbs have been studied for a long time by many from scientists to psychics. This is a chart on the color meanings of the Orbs.

Plant Based Protein Sources

Say what?! There's protein in nuts, seeds, beans and grains? You betcha! And we've got a whole list of sources to share with you!

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. Never Give Up

What's that saying you always love to say "I'm living in YOUR head rent free" motha fucka! Choke on your own words!

Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark. - Jay Danzie