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The high-energy scent of oranges is said to communicate the joy of angels to human beings. Orange peel is great for embodying the Sun in a mixture, whether pot pourri, tea, sachet, charm, etc. Like the Sun, orange peel lifts those who are down, helps the confused find direction, and gives new life to spiritual yearnings. Its scent is good for dealing with obsessive thinking and Sun-like, for turning us back to what is important.

On Feb13, light realms will pour out the next frequencies of your New Earth. These new energies will allow a level of non-judgement into your consciousness to awaken. This out of all things, will bring you the most peace of all. Yes, beautiful, beautiful beings, no more labeling. It is the labeling that causes a reaction.

Called "The Silent Healer," she wandered from one place to another, carrying a bag full of herbs, roots, seeds and mushrooms, a knife, a pestle and sticks with runic inscriptions. She attended to all who needed her healing abilities and asked her for help. Her practices included the use of purification, herbs, charms, talismans and rune sounds. Attunement and pdf manual included

Pietersite, "I honor my inner truth and power." Pietersite is a high vibration stone that is used by many healers in their energy work. It works to activate and balance the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras, and is known as the stone that holds "the keys to heaven". This chatoyant stone is very popular with healers for it's ability to stimulate the pineal gland, thus enhancing one's intuition and insight. When working with Pietersite for these purposes, one will find that it's ability to…

Michael's name means 'He who is like God' or 'He who looks like God'. His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear. Michael gives guidance and direction for people who need help or assistance in their life's purpose or career path. Angel of protection, justice & strength. Patron Angel of Law Enforcement and the Military. Michael incense stick