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Най-разгорещени дебати сред кандидат-кметовете на София по БНТ предизвика темата за сигурността. Общата теза бе, че столична община работи небалансирано, като неглижира сигурността в крайните квартали. Фандъкова се съгласи, че хората искат да видят повече патрули. За да оправдае увеличаване на криминалните прояви и липсата на подсигуряване на безопасността на...

Bruce Wayne birthday barty - Batman Begins (2005)

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Community Post: Which Weasley Should Be Your Best Friend?

Which Weasley Should Be Your Best Friend? I got Fred Weasley! Fred is very mischievous and is always up to something. He loves to have a trick up his sleeve and to share it with you, being his best friend. Who knows what mayhem the two of you will cause!

Pearl Jam - Unthought Known (Live on SNL) *feel the sky blanket you with gems & rhinestones...see the path cut by the moon for you to walk on

MUST WATCH: Ben Shapiro calls transgender woman a ‘SIR’ on Dr. Drew and GUESTS GO NUTS

You know... the Weasley twins had the Marauder's Map and never questioned why Ron slept with a man named Peter every night. - Imgur

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When Dumbledore's got style...

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