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entry way fall decoration-with old washboard, window screen, etc

A stunnIng effect is created as light streams through a window screen at the Sheykh Lotf Allah Mosque.

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DIY Lace Window Screens

When I first saw this, I thought of a bathroom window. Get a busy lace fabric and use the cloth as a screen or use it to frost the window. Fun DIY screen window idea.

Elegante Christmas Holiday Decorations

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18 Diy Screen Door Ideas

@curtiscjackson , you'd better buy the pallet tool ;)

Looking Out The Barn Window - the window frame provides a place for your eyes to rest. love it.

Sometimes the simplest things work the best. This timber screen protects the…

concreteutopias: beauty in modularisation - louis vuitton shop window

The Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is a bird of prey that breeds throughout most of North America, from western Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies, and is one of the most common hawks in North America. (Photo Dave Van de Laar)