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A Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. This clearly reflects Karei because of it's sumptuousness and elegant design. It has a quality befitting a higher status.

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symbols on the side of a structure in a Shinto Shrine. This is another design element that reflects the sumptuousness and elegance of Karei.

A doorknob in a Shinto Shrine in Tokyo near the Shibuya district. It represents Karei because of its flowery beauty. It denotes an elegance that reflects medieval and early modern periods.

A Shinto Shrine In Tokyo, Japan. In front of the shrine there is a cleansing structure producing smoke. The surrounding structures combine to showcase Karei. The detailed designs and festival atmosphere add to its distinct elegance.

The rooftop of a Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. The tops of the roof are elegantly displaying that time period which reflects Karei.

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