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The doctor was on recess!!

David Tennat (Doctor Who) Totally Looks Like Mr. Dude (Recess) <<WHAAAAT the Doctor showed up in my childhood before I even knew who he was.

Fanboy Crash Course : Fanboys bottle their feels. They do not cry over a sad moment, death etc....UNTIL EVENTUALLY HR GLASS SHATTERS AND WE'RE A TOTAL MESS AND WE CALL OUR BOOK "MY PRECIOUS"

But wouldn't you fangirl if you just met JulIE ANDREWS?<----- Julie Andrews: the dream grandma!

Billie piper and david tennant

Billie Piper breaking down and David Tennant consoling her after filming the beach scene in "Doomsday"

‘Doctor Who' Star Christopher Eccleston Finally Reveals He Left After Just One Series Because Of ‘Clashes With Show Bosses'

Former 'Doctor Who' Star Reveals Why He Left After Just One Series

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) & Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) from Doctor Who (c. my favorite and first doctor.

David Tennant In Places He Shouldn't Be! this is seriously like the new Where's Waldo?

David Tennant In Places He Shouldn't Be! This is like "Where's Waldo?" Where's David Tennant?

The Doctor and The Master - I love Doctor Who.  I hadn't gotten the channel with Doctor Who and I didn't even know that The Master had returned!  I'm buying the DVDs now.                     I watched this scene on YouTube and got all teary-eyed.  Actually, just thinking about it just makes me teary-eyed.

Without a doubt this is one of the best (and most emotionally ruinous) moments in the history of Doctor Who.