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from Foursquare

Oak Grove Elementary School

Pumpkin & Witch gate, Oak Grove School 8760 Bower Street Graton, CA Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Lauren Junk Art. #patrickamiot

OAK The Oak is a sacred tree in many cultures. A Witch will often seek out a grove of Oak to perform rites. It has always been considered unlucky to cut down an oak. It is often used for all-purpose wands and they imbue great power. The acorns have been carried to increase fertility in women and to increase sexual appeal by men, preserve youth and to banish illness. Hang Oak over windows and doors to protect your house from evil spirits.

Oak groves were very sacred to the Druids and Celts in kind. Druid legend says that embracing the tree within a sacred grove can provide answers to question previously left void. Serpent eggs, the odd growth bulbs of oak trees were used in magickal charms. Wands of potent magic were made of the oak. As a method of divination the druids would listen to the wrens in the oak trees or the rustling of the oak leaves for messages and whispers of things to come.