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The Democrat party was the first political party in the US & they owned slaves & made so much profit from slavery that they fought tooth & nail to keep slavery legal. The Republican party was started to END SLAVERY & the Democratic party continued to put up a fight to keep slavery legal & keep blacks from voting. The Democratic party started the Klu Klux Klan to frighten & intimidate blacks & those white sympathizers. Republican party is not racist. That is the party that freed the black…

LEAKED: Experts Think Republican Party Is Preparing To Impeach Trump And Make Pence President

SHAMEFUL!! The Republican party continues to vilify the working poor, seniors, veterans+children!! Look at the wealthy GOP as they funnel taxpayers money to the rich!! CUT SUBSIDIES, CUT TAX EXEMPT STATUS TO THE NFL+ CHURCHES, CUT TAX LOOPHOLES, CUT TAX HAVENS....ENOUGH!!

Republicans don't bother commenting. I will just delete the pin and repost after I block you! Modern Republican Party.