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Church of Saint George, Oplenac, Serbia. with its extraordinary mosaics and rich marbles, it looks like a 10th century Byzantine church - not one built in 1907.

Oh boy, how dreamy is this tiny house in Serbia? It belongs to a little local kayak club and each summer when the water levels of the Drina River are low, the locals enjoy fun-packed days full of sporting events and river BBQ’s from the porch of this little spot. Gorgeous, isn’t it? xo

Byzantine Empire: Modern Turkey, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Syria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Sinai Peninsula, Northern Africa at its height.

Design Papers 2016 ‪#‎packaging‬ ‪#‎design‬ by Metaklinika (‪#‎Serbia‬) -

Design Papers 2016

Design Papers 2016 ‪#‎packaging‬ ‪#‎design‬ by Metaklinika (‪#‎Serbia‬) -