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When NYC-based makeup artist Johannah Adams recently posted pictures of her incredible crystal lip creations, Instagram went absolutely crazy! From druzy quartz to amethyst slices, the lips look just dazzling.

You don’t ever wanna give, but you always donate out your sin I see venom on your lips, only fools give you kiss And I ain’t one, you ain’t foolin’ me I see you, I see through you like airport security (security) Security (security), your security …

Shiiiiiiit, this white boy must be out his damn mind. Ain't nobody goes for the bottom jenga piece. Ain't nobody.

For the record people of Pinterest I am a 19yr old girl and I don't even own make up seriously lip gloss is the extent of my make up and that is all thank you for your time

You got: FAKE GOTH Like Bella Swan, you’re pretending to be goth because you think it looks cool, but you have no idea what INNER TURMOIL is truly all about. Ohhhhh, you’re soooo sad that two hot monster-dudes are trying to get it. Life is sooooo hard. GO BACK TO HOLLISTER BECAUSE YOU AIN’T GOTH, B.

There's something about mustaches that intrigues me; I'd never want my guy to grow one, but whenever I see a particularly stylized handlebar mustache on a hipster dude, I'm fascinated.

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