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In Miami Beach, architects have used light to highlight space, surface, and movement in these utilitarian spaces, creating the very best kind of architecture—functional and ennobling.

In 2009, the world carbon dioxide emission stood at 30.4 billion metric tons. While this may seem high, it was the first time that carbon dioxide emissions has reduced since 1998. It is estimated that by 2050, 3.6 million people will die prematurely due to air pollution. So some cities have taken the initiative and tried to become green. These include New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm and London.

Inspiration - Autumn/Winter 2013 - Dark Burnouts and Distressed Tapestry

Quick carbon calculator: Baby steps to cutting climate clown footprints to size

The Guardian's quick carbon calculator shows the steps you can take to reduce your carbon emissions (Follow link on page to the calculator)

Valerie Buess, inspired by the uselessness of waste paper: newspaper, phone directories, magazines, train schedules, etc. She rolls pieces of paper into various forms and makes incredible sculptures by assembling hundreds (if not thousands) of them.