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In Miami Beach, architects have used light to highlight space, surface, and movement in these utilitarian spaces, creating the very best kind of architecture—functional and ennobling.

Juicy maple green anticipation of pleasure, wrapped in light-gray silks. Just like a ring adorns a hand, the blue-gray base line effectively complements th.

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C9 Green Christmas Light Bulbs, Transparent

C9 Transparent Green, 7 Watt, 25 Triple Dipped Replacement Lamps.***R***

Color of orange flowers, muted shades of green – the colors of summer meadows are embodied in this palette. Pastel light olive adds tenderness to quite energetic color combination. This color gamma is good for the interior of a spacious bathroom or summer terrace of a country house.

Nice foggy image - kind of reminds me of Maurice Sendak's - Where the wild things are, doesn't it look like that tree has feet?

francis cooper - Architecture of the Synthetic the Spectacular and Belligerent : Constructing Wynyard Island and its Urban Littoral

Photograph Filtered light by José Gieskes on 500px


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Spires and Gargoyles



This is a plage. The Fairies meet here in act two.