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In cooperation with researchers from Osaka City University and the University of Tokyo, researchers at Osaka University, through their precise measurement of current fluctuations in quantum liquids in an artificial atom created by nanotechnology, succeeded in elucidating theoretically-predicted behavior of quantum liquid in a non-equilibrium regime.

Large Hadron Collider~ History of the Universe, because all species were designed to procreate. Many believe we have within our genetic memory, human junk DNA which contains all of the "programs" designed to help us evolve and re-create.

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Elusive 'Exotic Hadron' Particles Confirmed

The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider is one of the machine's two big all-purpose detectors.

What is this? Something in outer space? A galaxy perhaps? Nope. This is an atom. The atom can be referred to in two parts: the nucleus or the electron cloud. The nucleus of a hydrogen atom, when compared to the atom itself, is like a pin compared to a football stadium. The electron cloud, is home to the electrons. Atoms are primarily, 'empty space'.

takemetothemidnightshow: National Geographic, March 1978  “Scenes from a microworld: The eye can’t see protons, electrons, and other subat...

A breakthrough in the detection of electron spin by Australian researchers has opened up new possibilities in the development of quantum computers. The technique published today in Nature is described as an "exciting advance" and "a significant and important step forward" in quantum science. The efficient detection of electron spin is critical for the development of a range of quantum technologies. To date researchers have used either an electrical or optical method to detect spin...