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Brinicle by bbc: Brincles are underwater icicles which form in calm seas of polar regions when the air is much colder than the water. Warm ocean water freezes into very dense, salty ice plumes which sink to the ocean floor spreading and killing organisms

Life is Pliable. Try to Shape it into Good for All. Repeated Failure is not a Loss, it is the unexpected but Necessary Process for Those w/ Dream's Bigger than Themselves. The Night's Long Journey ©Cristie Henry -- /lprisci/art-in-many-forms/ BACK

"Hunter!" She screamed and lashed out, but the straps tying her down held fast. Tears streaked her cheeks as his shrieks continued, and each one of them felt like a dagger in the heart, as if she was feeling them just as Hunter was.

Brody if he gets like attacked by birds or something. Idk ||| why is Brody being attacked by birds!? :O my baby!!! lol GET YO FILTHY FEATHERS OFF HIM, YA NASTIES -_- ||||| BRODY!!! NO!!!!>>>>> If he would get attacked by birds I would laugh.

ghoulnextdoor: “MALEFICENT // STILISTEN winter 2013 by Elizaveta Porodina muse: Laura O’Grady / select hair and make up: Heiko Palach style: Oliver Rauh set design: Beatrice Schuell / les...

I left the following description untouched. It includes so many of the adjectives I feel describe Hamlet ..."Angry or disruptive thoughts. A need for a calm head, order, simplicity. Withdraw & contemplate all that is destructive in your life."

I dreamt I was trapped in a horrible underground maze, my only companion was a big black dog, it kept me alive...the midgets with razor blades wanted to cut my throat everytime I would start to fall asleep....the dog would bite my hand to keep me awake...

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