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G2 Braid Cutter All Alumimum Pliers

Braid Cutter All Alumimum Pliers-Tungsten/carbide blades will slice through even the toughest braided line. Long nosed pliers with superior gripping a

How to Fillet Crappie / Bluegill

Will forever have the image of Pop sitting on the back porch after fishing "cleaning" fish. He'd wrap the guts and heads in newspaper and bury them where he planted his tomatoes-best fertilizer in the world-Right Pop?

We're weighing the pros and cons of bait versus lure fishing!

Bait Vs. Lures: Which is Best For You?

We're weighing the pros and cons of bait versus lure fishing. I use the bait not most the time

Drive 3' rod 6-8" in ground. Rest running.chain saw on rod to drive.worms out of ground.

collecting fishing worms: Drive a stake inches deep into the ground. Remove or disengage the chain from a chain saw. Rest the bottom of the running chainsaw on top of the stake. The worms will be coaxed from the soil by the vibration.

Find out which fishing line to use at different depths, and more with our line guide!

Do Fish See Line?: Decoding Research and Manufacturer Claims

How To Select The Right Fishing Rod

How To Select The Right Fishing Rod

101 PCS Fishing Lures Set Tackle Mixed Hard Baits Soft Baits Popper Crankbait with Tackle Box

I want a book for Zion of all the different types of freshwater fish

Catamaran Sailboat '13 Lagoon 450