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Incase I get swept up by the festivities. Thank you so much for your love and support this year. I recognise so many of you who like my work again and again and seeing your name makes me smile I hope to get to know you more in the new year and give you lots more paintings

'Home' - new painting by Julia Hawker Your home? My home? The pictorial and literal references could lead you to one or both of these conclusions. If you know me well, you'll recognise a few references! - Julia x www.summerlandsart.co.uk

This beautiful Boxer Dog with an expression that the majority of dog owners will recognise , is ready to add a splash of color to any room you hang

This painting is one of a series recently exhibited in Sydney in January 2013. The body language of the figure is enhanced by the qualities of water and has the capacity to expose emotions which we recognise in ourselves and others. Save Me 80CM X 80CM Cathryn McEwen Oil on Canvas $2660

A bronze, silver and gold painted box frame assemblage. Silent Hill fans will recognise the reference to Grey Children. The frame is hand-made by me

Wishing you a lovely day. ☀️ I am painting two of my yoga girls today that soon will be off to a new home. Some of you might recognise her.😀 #yoga #relax #draw #drawing #pen #penonpaper #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday #art #illustrationoftheday #illustrator #illustration #artist #artwork #konst #original #yellow #viktoriaastrom #watercolour #watercolor #happy

Those that know their film noirs from their Adam Sandler flicks will recognise that this mock newspaper headline references the 1955 Spencer Tracy movie 'Bad Day at Black Rock' - a title I've always liked, though it's not one of my favourite noirs. This comp of crime jazz & police/noir soundtrack music was inspired by the two images I used for the newspaper, both painted by the Austrian-born artist Gottfried Helnwein, who really ought to sue me, if he had any sense...

GuessMate is the ultimate social guessing game. Guess various pictures sent to you by your friends from just a tiny fraction of the image or go through numerous awesome collections and see if you can recognise celebrities, car brands, logos, flags, dogs, cities, paintings, famous politicians (the list is endless).www.guessmate.me http://www.posterofil.com/revelmob/guessmate/guessmate_09_full_HD.mp4

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