Halo's Noble VI, Seattle 2011

Halo's Noble VI, Seattle My favorite halo character in the whole Halo series. Beat this, Master Chief!

HALO 4 armor (what is with the unicorn horn?? Are they gonna impale their enemies with it or is it just a dumb decoration. Helmet would be 100 times better without it.)

HALO 4 Armor (alright this one is just plain Dork, WTF is with the unicorn horn?

Noble Six B312

(Halo: Reach) [Mark V.[B] helmet and (full) neck guard design idea]

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Spartans never die.They're missing in action. Carter,Jorge,Kat,Emile and noble 6 AKA Noble Team. You fought the good fight.


Halo 4 illustration by John Liberto. I love the art for the Halo series because of how gritty and stylistic it is. You feel like you're directly in the action or environments.

343 Industries today announced the first details for the next major expansion in the Halo Infinity Multiplayer experience, the Majestic Map Pack.

"All of the games I worked on before they were video games, but they were not Halo," says Gabriel "Robogabo" Garza, who served as a concept artist on the just-released Halo Like the rest of the.