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Punch the Moon (Drawing Hamiltoons on Hamil10′s while listening to...)

Punch the Moon (Drawing Hamiltoons on Hamil10′s while listening to...)

If you listen closely, you can hear the ghost of Hamilton cheering in the distance

In which our founding fathers are literal and actual five year olds.

"When you tryna mourn ur dead son but the people NEED to hear your voice." (By yayhamlet on tumblr)

dorothywonderland: poor washington, he just want to go home If you are wondering… yes, that’s laurens beating charles lee (bless lilo&stitch for the pose reference) I have no idea how lee looks like. oh welpAnd burr is drawing something for washington, but probably will never be able to show it to him because george washington will be too busy trying to separate hamilton and jefferson. Poor little burr[Edit] if you are wondering, here is all the characters in the drawing that weren’t me...

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Shedding a light on the psyche of war: Zippo lighters from U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam give a unique insight into life under fire

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I am not finished listening to Hamilton, (I'm on the second act and things are getting intense) but I'm loving it!