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Happiness is a reality but also a conscious choice for most adults --sometimes not an easy one--, while comfort is a combination of attitude and circumstances ... Both are good things in balance, since comfort is not necessarily superfluous things, and happiness is not necessarily lack of effort, compassion, or understanding of our own suffering as well as others'…

hi. i'm noelle. i'm just a college student trying to figure my life out like everybody else. i am a also a christian and this is my blog dedicated to positivity, faith, and beautiful things. remember that you are loved and don't let anybody decide your...


Smile :) i make a point of smiling at others, its nice to be nice, smiles are free you dont lose anything so why not share a smile. Tbh i dont always get a smile back but that never stops me from smiling at the next person. Smiling makes you feel happy!!

I'm Mike. Music is a huge passion of mine. In another life, I travel the world seeing and writing about my favorite bands ala the movie Almost Famous. But I don't, so I have this blog. Sometimes I post non-music thangs. Go forth.

Keep Calm and Turn Up The Music - Nursery Art, Kids Room Decor, Dorm Room, Office Wall Decoration - DIY Printable File - 5x7