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A similar pair of hand-carved Mahogany Corbels in good condition. Fully restored and finished in shellac and wax.

A good quality English Oak cased iron rim deadlock. Fully refurbished and in full working order. Supplied complete with steel reinforced laminated oak keep and period key. Good crisp key action. The case has been thoroughly cleaned and refinished in shellac and wax and retains it's lovely original 'honey oak' patina.

A long and strong antique iron bolt. A lovely heavy item complete with keep and exhibiting plenty of character. This item has been protected with several layers of wax and should give many more years of service.

A wonderful pair of beautifully cast iron brackets. Lovely detailing and in good condition. It should be noted, that these brackets have had a small repair to the edge of one of the flanges. It is barely noticeable and does not affect the structural integrity. A good large pair that should carry a good amount of weight. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Refinished using our own patented hot wax process, giving excellent protection from corrosion.

Another lot of woodware, rescued from the fashion oblivion that is shabby chic. Finished with shellaq and wax, with a spigot length of 3.5 cm, diameter of 1.8 cm. Cleaned, salvaged, polished and ready to fit.

A good quality cast iron, brass trimmed, nightlatch. Featuring sliding, deadlockable latch (in open or closed position). Accessible from outside with key only. Supplied complete with iron keep and hand cut replacement key. In full working order, additional keys available from your local key cutter.

A genuine Bakelite 3 pin plug socket complete with an earth terminal, and ready to fit by a suitably qualified electrician.

Certainly not an antique, but very heavily cast and good quality none the less. Fully restored with new spring and spindle and long replacement fixing stud. This reclaimed letterbox has been stripped of old paint and rust and finished by our patented hot wax process. It is of a good size and is eminently suitable for todays post

A very heavy, very large, very strong iron draw bolt weighing in at well over a kilogram. Completely refurbished with a reclaimed keep. Double riveted sliders and heavy cast bolt make this good for adding additional security to that huge oak door etc Needs no maintenance having been treated with our unique hot wax process which provides a surprising amount of protection from rust. Supplied complete with 5/8 inch round head black Japanned fixing screws (reclaimed).

A set of six vintage reclaimed heavy cast iron hooks. Stripped of all paint and rust and applied with wax to prevent corrosion. Four countersunk securing holes to each hook.