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Gluten Free Support Groups. - Find a #glutenfree support group near you at Gluten Free Mama's Gluten Free & Allergy Free Food Network

{Updated} Gluten Free Cold/Flu Medication List

No longer stress about what medicine you can and cannot take! Here is a gluten free cold/flu medicine list!

7 Places to Eat Gluten-Free in a Hurry- Gluten Free Friendly Fast Food

Sometimes you are out and about and you need a gluten-free meal. Check out this list of gluten-free friendly places where you can get a meal, fast. via @glutenfreemiami

How My Life Has Changed After My Celiac Diagnosis (and tips on how to be gluten-free)

Gluten can be lurking in SO many things. Even if you try to be "gluten-free" but don't religiously check labels you might unknowingly still be ingesting it. Here are just a few of the places it may be hidden.

What to Do If You Get Glutened

Tips and advice on what to do if you get glutened, especially while traveling. An excerpt from the book Roaming Free: A Whole Foods Approach for Traveling the World Healthy, Happy and Gluten-Free.

Gluten-Free Baking: 6 Flour Alternatives That Are Actually Good For You

Gluten-Free Baking: Learn How To Bake With These 6 Gluten-Free Flours | Holistic | Gut Health | Celiac Disease |

Gluten Free Mama's Baking Products. Have success every time and enjoy eating gluten free!