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What you see in the picture is what is called & quot; The Devil's Throat & quot;, the largest and most impressive jump !!!!! But are Argentine." These falls are the Iguazu, Argentina. Brazil, just the view from the opposite side to the catwalks on the Argentine side"

from The Crazy Tourist

The Most Beautiful Pictures of Italy!

Christie's 2015 Sailing Trip (Capri, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Stromboli, Panarea, Salina) - Capri, Italy

Estudiosos da Saúde informam: Tomar muito Sol - a Vitam. D3, direto na pele, evitando apenas a queimadura; proporciona e devolve a saúde, livrando-se de inúmeras doenças físicas, mentais, emocionais, inclusive as mais graves. Chapada dos Veadeiros - Brazil Sol - sun - campo - natureza - nature.

Beauty and Fashion lover: Autumn in New Hampshire, USA

Stunning Sunset Sunset Sunset in Koa tree branch - Hawai Jamaican Sunset