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wip of some watercolour adrienette ~~ | credit: @rohinicupcake

~WIP~ of the comic I'm drawing | by @rohinicupcake

Weird little doodle? | credit: @rohinicupcake

WIP pt.1~ I thought of doing a quick WIP of a sketch I was doing :) | credit: @rohinicupcake

This is when I realised need to brush up on my watercolour painting... Why does it look so weird? | by @rohinicupcake

3 min doodle | credit: @rohinicupcake

Redraws because it motivates me to draw more idk why | credit: @rohinicupcake

I should really be studying right now | by @rohinicupcake

Doodles... | by @rohinicupcake

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