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Your tea is not complete until you have a shark in it. And this Shark Tea Infuser is perfect for your tea time. Your chamomile tea just got a new dangerous

Tongue Tea Infuser

Tongue in Tea: Tongue-Shaped Silicone Tea Infuser. Bit weird, but kind of cool.

Tea Rex Infuser

Tea Rex Infuser-I need this

Squirrel Tea Infuser!

Squirrel tea infuser, I LOVE IT! Its like a Kent state squirrel

Coffee cup - creative product design ( Webneel Daily Graphics Inspiration 545 )  Follow @webneel

This teacup sold by Japanese store Rakuten features a hidden animal (bear, owl or fox) which makes a surprise appearance as you drink your tea.

disney cup beauty and the beast xicaras jewels tea teacup alice bag chip tea cup disney clothes belle alice in wonderland

IPhone 5 5S alice in wonderland tattoo cute alternate jack Daniels Disney Phone

I love Beauty and The Beast and I love tea!-Chip from Beauty & the Beast :)

Manatea tea infuser // I love mine! #product_design

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10 Creative and Unusual Tea Infusers - Deep Tea Diver Infuser

10 Creative and Unusual Tea Infuser

These unusual tea infuser will make enjoy your tea time. From the Deep Tea Diver Infuser to the Yellow Submarine . Check these 10 Creative and Unusual Tea Infuser.

Squirrel Tea Infuser // cute! #product_design

Why yes, I'd like to buy the Squirrel tea infuser. Who wouldn't want an animal sticking its butt in clear water to make it turn brown?

Mug with notches for your tea bag

A handy little tab on this mug keeps your teabag from falling into your cup. Pretty simple solution to an annoying little problem, isn’t it? Just tie your teabag around the tab and it’l…

I have these

This shark ice mold makes extra large ice cubes that looks like a hungry shark and when you dunk some of them in the beverage or drink it looks like the sharks are silently floating & swimming around in the drink.

Heart + Arrow Tea Infuser

Heart + Arrow Tea Infuser - adding this to my wish list.

Or this scuba diver who will strain your tea for you. | 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

Funny pictures about Tea Diver. Oh, and cool pics about Tea Diver. Also, Tea Diver photos.

Watch shaped post it notes for those who wish they could wear a hospital tag all the time and write notes on it. (almost clever, but just misses)

Watch-Shaped Sticky Notes Cleverly Designed to Wrap Around Wrists

love post its! Need to remind yourself of something but don’t want to write it on your hand? Why not wear a Post-it note watch! Doriane Favre designed these watch-shaped sticky notes