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Turn a Crib into a Bench. I have seen so many of these but this could be my favorite!

Baby crib Bench - After all my kids are born I can keep their bed around! Their baby pictures could hang above it! A picture of each one standing up in the bed would be precious! R R R R R Mitchell.I like this more than some I've seen

Unicorn spit

Unique and eye-catching paint technique called 'Bermuda Blending' .step-by-step instructions and details on paint brands and colors!

SANDING | LIQUID SANDPAPER :: Everything you need to know & how to use it. :: A few points: Liquid sandpaper removes the thin top layers & roughens the surface of a glossy painted item making it easier to be repainted. However, it only removes gloss--not bumps or imperfections. It doesn't work for shiny metal or tile. It can also be found under the names "deglosser," "liquid deglosser," and "wet sanding." It's handy if the particular surface has ornate designs or extensive detailing…

This is excellent to use on kitchen cabinets or any wood surface before painting. gives a "tooth" to the surface so paint adheres. Use in well ventilated area, smelly but very effective to prevent paint from chipping.

funky painted dining chairs | like these painted chairs. Redo old chairs with a fabulous bright ...

I like these painted chairs. Redo old chairs with a fabulous bright color and a fun print design on the seat.great for outside on the patio

Hand Painted Furniture Side Table or Accent Table by LisaFrick, $425.00

SOLD sample of CUSTOM WORK-Hand Painted Furniture- Side Table or Accent Table Listing for a Deposit or Down Payment