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Dogen (1200-1253), also known as Dogen Kigen or Dogen Zenji, was a Japanese Buddhist monk who may be best known for his collected written works, Shobogenzo, considered to be a masterpiece of the world's religious literature. His teachings and style of writing, characterized by paradox and subtlety, has been beloved by generations of Soto Zen students. One of the most famous passages from Dogen’s writing comes from Genjokoan:

Ralph Ellison (1914 - 1994) Author and Educator. He is best known for his novel, Invisible Man, which won the National Book Award in 1953. He is included in the group of great African-American authors of the 20th Century

Unseen Dickens: read the newly found essay on Victorian poverty

What Is Sensational? by Charles Dickens - The unseen Charles Dickens: essay on Victorian poverty that no-one knew he had written

Letras con sabor a alcohol y drogas (Parte 1

El uso de drogas como el opio y cocaína se mencionan junto a ritos mágicos religiosos y medicinales en las comunidades primitivas como la persa, la egipcia, la griega, la romana, la chinas y la árabe en los principios de sus tiempos históricos. De este lado del planeta, sociedades precolombinas también hicieron uso de sustancias […]