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Detroit D on the Front. 313 Detroit on the back. Sizes small to 5xl.

MADE IN DETROIT MICHIGAN HOODIE Sweatshirt Crossed the D Skull Hoody 313 Hooded #RockCityThreads #Hoodie

MADE IN DETROIT MICHIGAN HOODIE Crossed Sweatshirt the D Skull Hoody 313 Hooded #RockCityThreads #Hoodie

I know it's not a race car but, it is KID ROCK, & most of America's, opinion of DALE EARNHARDT. Because it's one thing to look like, act like, & have people say your a BAD A$$, but when you can back it up you get a whole different kind of respect!!!!

New Design - My Blood Type is D Available at http://downwithdetroit.spreadshirt.com/my-blood-type-is-d-I12662845/customize/sort/price-asc

DETROIT MUSCLE HOODIE Motor City Hooded Sweatshirt Graphic Engine Department 313 #RockCityThreads #Hoodie

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