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Working on the recovery phase in our ruining technique session tonight. Lots of work on the glutes and hamstrings for a better he'll lift and pelvic position when running at speed. #Cheltenham #running

from Skinny Ms.

9 Surprising Tricks to Lose Belly Fat & Inches

Despite our best efforts, weight loss can reach a frustrating plateau. Check out these 9 tricks to lose fat and inches.

Strengthen your hamstrings & glutes to jump higher and move quicker! #workout

Your proper guide for better running to be more effective during marathon.

Technique Drills For Runners: towards the very end, when they're getting ready to do their final jog, he says that all these drills should be followed by a light 20-50 minute jog to "hard wire" the drills into our neuromuscular system. Is that true?

No one can do the work for you, you get what you put in... #running #dyenation


How Chi Running Reduces Injury and Promotes Healthy Running

How Chi Running Reduces Injury...Read more!--Definitely might try these techniques to lead to injury free running!!

Get free daily workouts designed for baseball and softball players!

from An Ethical Island

Faculty Meetings are Fun!

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