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This is a yellow-headed jawfish male that incubates its eggs (or its brood) in its mouth. That’s right–the male carries the babies. In the beginning, the jawfish is able to swallow the eggs, keeping them hidden, and occasionally spits them out to grab a bite, then sucks them back in, all in one gulp. It is fascinating to watch, and quite a challenge. The challenge gets tougher as the brood develops and gets larger. What was so sweet though was that after about an hour of observation with…

As delicadas fotografias do mundo dos caracóis de Vyacheslav Mishchenko

O fotógrafo ucraniano Vyacheslav Mishchenko têm documentado nos últimos anos a vida cotidiana dos caracóis em seus “mundos delicados” utilizando a fotografia macro.

the stripes on the octopus Wunderpus photogenicus are unique to each animal and could be used to track these animals in the wild in much the same way that whales are tracked. Read more:

Hello world - fine lamb photography (and so farm fresh) - 8x8 image hard backed