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from The Truth About Cancer

The Best Breast Cancer Screening Options for Women (Hint: it's Not Mammograms!)

Even the American Cancer Society is asking women to cut back on mammograms immediately. So what are the best breast cancer screening options? Read on for all of the info by clicking on the image above...

Crafting To Disney: Whatever Wednesday- How To Figure Out "Days In Advance" Disney Dates


Recipe: The Best Pecan Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Our family LOVES this cake and we enjoy it every Fall! THE BEST pecan pumpkin…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Goods and Services

Goods and services! This is a 12 page book that defines goods and services. There are blank spaces to fill in as well as spaces to glue the black and white images that correspond to each page (or have your students illustrate their own pages if they want). A great topic when learning about economics with kids.

from The Kitchn

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

Although I get pretty weary of the pumpkin madness that hits the universe come October — I’m looking at you, Starbucks — there are two things I'll make an exception for: bread pudding and pancakes. And since this post is clearly not about bread pudding, let’s talk about what we like to call “Pum’Cakes" around our house. Yes, they're so good they got their own name!

from Marketing Creativity

6 Things I Do Every Day to Grow My Online Business

Let me preface this article by telling you that my business planning system is involved. It’s so much more than these 6 things I do every day to grow; I have a system for creating annual objectives and there are several things I do each quarter, month and week to build my reach online. Online businesses are based on personality and passion, and because of that, your perspective is always too close. If you’re the owner of a website or online [Continue Reading]

Fandoms are a family. And family means you stick together. <--- family doesn't end in blood<Family is caring-Harry Potter Fandom

7 Things Not to Say During an Interview --- There are plenty of ways to keep things positive during your interview. Focus on your skills and what you can bring to the job. --- Job-seeking is difficult, but HugSpeak can help make it easy. Our personalized coaching covers everything from resumes and cover letters to social media and practice interviews. We'll help you land that dream job!

Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee itemizing deductions, the end of the year means organizing your receipts. It’s rarely fast (o