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Japanese war brides arriving in America receive instructions on the latest fashionable hairstyles.

polish-vintage: two portraits of wives of Zygmunt August (Polish court painter, circle of Lucas Cranach the Younge, circa 1550) 1. Elzbieta Habsburzanka (1526-1545) 2. Barbara Radziwiłłówna (1520-1523)

Henry VIII. and his wives paper dolls - Onofer-Köteles Zsuzsánna - Picasa Webalbum* 1500 free paper dolls at artist Arielle Gabriel's International Paper Doll Society also her new memoir The Goddess of Mercy & the Dept of Miracles playing with paper dolls in Montreal *

Anna Harrison was to be Pres. William Harrison's First Lady, but on April 4, exactly one month after his inauguration, President Harrison died. Anna was packing for the move to the White House when she learned of William's death in Washington, so she never made the journey. Anna had received a very good education for a girl of her time, going to boarding school, and then attending Clinton Academy.