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Photos Reveal Harsh Detail Of Brazil's History With Slavery

19C slavery and using images to understand it | NPR| Black woman with white child on her back. Bahia, 1860.

Names that make you wonder if it was a sober birth and more in today's blog post '5 Texts I Abhor' #humor #livinglearningeating

Living, Learning, Eating: Snark: Five Texts I Abhor

from The Huffington Post

Let It Be: Accepting Imperfection in Caregiving

I am learning, slowly, that being a compatriot to my mother as she ages alone isn't a task; it's an evolving process where we're both feeling our way, a dynamic human relationship, built over years and with its history and quirks, reflective of the love we feel for each other, the way she raised me, and the particulars of our family culture, all of which -- good or bad -- define who I am in more ways than I can count.

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Fever Induced Seizure: What Every Parent Should Know

Fever Induced Seizure: What Every Parent Should Know - Tips from a mother who has helped her children through a total of FOUR febrile seizures and prevented several more. |

Hurricane Irene killed 21, caused an estimated $10 billion in damages, left more than four million people without electricity, produced nearly 15 inches of rain in North Carolina and caused tremendous inland flooding in the Northeast, but still many will say this hurricane was hyped more than it needed to be.    North Carolina's Outer Banks bore the brunt of the storm,  and after imparting an impressive amount of energy and destruction there, the storm weakened to a category one.

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The most uncomfortable breastfeeding photo you will see

LEST WE FORGET..Slave owners forced slaves to NURSE their children and babies during slavery! Yes, it's a fact...Now, in 2013, we have a story of a 'father' who doesn't want black RN's to even TOUCH his child...This photo depicts ~ An African mother and slave, presumably wet-nursing for a white master’s baby while her own child goes without..