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1930s Art Deco Sideboard

MADDIE SADOFSKI 1930s Designer Art Deco Sideboard. Available at TFTM, Los Angeles.

Slide further to the left of the neon and you encounter a commissioned sideboard designed and build by Kim and Doug Kulow Jones who are so talented and great to work with. Over the desk are frosted glass bottles each of which has TIME etched on the side except the bottle laying flat without a cork that says YOUTH. On the table at the left is a giant clamshell and on the right, a bowl from a wreck from the Spanish main as well as an amphora from Israel.

This Stunning Farmhouse Was Once a Dilapidated Wreck

The spacious attic-turned- bunkroom houses five— five!—antique twin beds (two are shown). Mismatched quilts and layered rag rugs up the cozy factor.

Shoes left outside the cabins to be polished. Even the captain's bath tub. An eerie trip with the tourists diving two miles to see the Titanic

Costly: To pay a visit down to the Titanic and witness sights like this white China still in the wooden sideboards of the reception rooms it will cost around £38,000

RE:WRECK Sideboard by Iannone Design. "Iannone Design is proud to have collaborated with Joel Hester of the The Weldhouse for this piece using salvaged automotive metal panels. Each piece of metal is hand selected by Joel and has a unique patina so no two pieces are alike. Soft closing doors with 2 adjustable shelves inside."

Rare Tambour Sideboard by Finn Juhl in Teak for Niels Vodder ca.1950's| From a unique collection of antique and modern sideboards at

This Stunning Farmhouse Was Once a Dilapidated Wreck

In the master bath, a beloved sideboard with brass hardware and a unique blue-and-white tile backsplash (previously used in the couple's dining room) was repurposed to serve as a bathroom vanity.