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21 Inside Jokes & Memes Only True Teen Wolf Fans will Understand

Teen Wolf Theme Song Fandom

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Teen Wolf Preferences - How you meet (Jackson)

#wattpad #random Hey guys so this is my first ever preference book. I'm sorry if it is terrible like I said this is my first preference book. I will be doing preferences for: Scott Stiles Isaac Derek Jackson Liam Brett Theo Aiden Parrish Garrett I will also be taking requests. To get a request all you have to do...

Teen Wolf- Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) "I don't know when we find him we can do a sobriety test and with the alphabet we'll start with F and end with U!"

You were serious? - Teen Wolf probably one of my favorite scenes.

this is exactly what I said. whenever he would come on screen in the originals I would say oh hi isaac. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.<< YES I KNOW I PINNED IT ALREADY ITS THAT IMPORTANT

Rachel and Micah about the kidnapping of Ali at the wedding or breaking out Luca from the dungeon


Teen Gladers Diaries on

"I think [Scott] might be on meth...and Stiles is his drug dealer" #Teen Wolf