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I wish making friends was as easy as it is in the Sims. Like you just walk up to some random person and talk about cats. Boom best friends.

The Sims Sweatshop - 9GAG
from 9GAG

The Sims Sweatshop

The Sims Sweatshop - 9GAG

I just had a major nerd attack!!!! I NEED THIS SIMS SHIRT!! Lookhuman has the best shirts ever!!! The sims shirts are amazing!!!

Grim is not afraid to lay it out there. After all, yolo: "Romana just got a letter in the mail from Grim Reaper! It's covered in X's and skulls and a little doodle of Romana lying on the ground with lots of arrows and daggers sticking out of her." #SimsGoneWrong

But even if it wasn't, I'd still be pretty pissed.

American Style House at Dinha Gamer via Sims 4 Updates