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from Now Novel

How do I Edit my Own Writing

'How do I edit my own writing?' A question asked by many new writers (and even experienced writers). Read this 5-step process for editing your own writing.

from This Mama Learns

How I Put My Pinterest on Autopilot and Grew Traffic Back to My Blog by 900%

How I Put My Pinterest on Autopilot and Grew My Blog Traffic by 900% | This Mama Learns

from the frugal millionaire

How to Prepare for a Blog Launch

My Brand New Blog and How to Prepare for a Blog Launch - the frugal millionaire

from Living for Naptime

How to Make Money with a Mom Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Monetization

Can you make money with a Mom Blog? As someone who has made a full-time living from blogging and sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years, I know how important it is to monetize your blog. My feeling is, you should be getting paid to blog. You can’t tell me that you spend hours blogging, …


2015 Blog Income Recap: $33,500 June - December -

How to Increase Blog Traffic - Get the handbook! This is visual proof these strategies work! My blog's page view stats from December 2014 versus December 2015. An increase of over 400,000 monthly visitors. If you want to learn how to get people to your blog, grab this tutorial. It's full of tips & tricks perfect for bloggers, business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone else who needs to get people to see their online content to make money from services, products, and advertising.

from Hobby to HOT!

Reason You Aren't Making Money Like Other Bloggers

Blogging Tips | How to Blog | The Reasons You Aren't making Money with your blog like other bloggers.

from Rachel Rofe

How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in 5 days

How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in only 5 days | Follow @rachelrofe for more :)

from the frugal millionaire

Start a Blog in Four Easy Steps and Start Making Money Right Away

Start a blog NOW and receive a copy of my new ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Blogging - for FREE!! You will start generating an income immediately. What are you waiting for?!