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Explore Melissa Wikoff, Understanding Tinnitus and more!

Dr. Melissa Wikoff presented an update from the 2013 Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference in Valencia, Spain at the Atlanta Tinnitus Support Group. Her lecture was titled "Advancements in Understanding Tinnitus as a Treatable Disease."

Dr Oz: 95% of Hearing Loss Irreversible, Learning to Protect Ear Drums

Dr. Oz says of hearing loss is irreversible which is why everyone needs to wearing isolating ear phones & covering ears when it is loud to protect ears.

Acoustic Neuroma: hearing loss associated with a compressed auditory nerve -the nerve connecting the hearing sensors to the brain- caused by a tumor but whose symptoms and pressure-related cause sound strikingly similar to the hearing loss associated with Chiari Malformation patients' hearing loss (which has been poorly studied in relation to Chiari). An explanation here of these symptoms and its causes related to nerve pressure.

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