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Vintage Italian Pendant

Vintage Italian Semiprecious Stone and Sterling by PaxTexana

ROMAN GOLD AND GLASS NECKLACE II-III century A.D. Composed of nine gold pendants with double-ribbed suspension loop decorated with twisted wire, blue glass cabochons set in collar with pinched edge; fourteen hollow, ribbed gold beads, soldered from two halves and terminated by strip-twisted wire collars; sixty-six spherical and globular blue glass beads.

Turqoise Egyptian vintage Jewelry has a bluish green gemstone that symbolizes happiness and life for eqgyptian people. For egyptian people, jasper stone represents great things because of its associantion with fire of isis god and blood

🎉HP🎉 Vintage unsigned Coro semiprecious necklace

🎉HP🎉 Vintage unsigned Coro semiprecious necklace Beautifully pink blushed stones in variegated tones and shapes. 24" long with screw closure. The stones vary in shape from square to triangular and size, the largest in the front at approx 1/4" gradually getting smaller in the back at approx 1/8". Vintage Jewelry Necklaces

Fouquet Brooch c. 1900 by George Fouquet (French, 1862-1957) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in a retrospective exhibition, described Fouquet’s Art Nouveau period as the time when “for a brief glorious moment, extravagant beauty reigned supreme” Art Nouveau

ca. 600 (Early Medieval). Gold, pearls, and semiprecious stones. These dramatic, colorful earrings were most likely made in Constantinople, perhaps as an imperial gift to a Visigothic ruler of medieval Spain, where the earrings were found. The Visigoths, a migratory group that ultimately settled in Spain, had by the 6th century established trade and diplomatic contacts with the Byzantine court, whose jewelry they much admired.

leslieknowlton necklace design - semiprecious stone. This long and lovely beaded necklace is precious not only because of the semiprecious stones but the delicately crafted silver cross pendant. Visit and if you like what you see — share SuddenlySeen @Etsy choose from our collection of semi-precious stone #leslieknowlton designer necklaces, John Hardy, Konstantino jewelry, vintage mexican silver and more

Star shaped turquoise pendant - vintage

Star shaped turquoise pendant - vintage 6cm long with 1cm loop. Silver and semiprecious stones. Jewelry Necklaces

Raw Sea Green Tourmaline Gold Ring Rough Uncut Gemstone tourmaline recycled 14k Size 6 1/2 stacking cocktail statement byAngeline

Druzy necklace gold. statement necklace Gold, Black druzy necklace, unique necklaces for women, semiprecious stone jewelry

chunky blue quartz druzy stick pearl beaded necklace.gemstone beaded jewelry.druzy jewelry.druzy jewelry.pearl necklac