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So true It's my Biggest Problem...I love people more than they love me. It's a thing I can't change and sometimes when I try to make things right, I make things worse because they don't care, and I do. It's hurts but I can't help if I love them...even when they not deserve it..L.Loe

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// Things I Love Thursday v.168 (This Charming Life by Kaelah Bee)

Yes. And right now, I crave you more than ever. I miss you so much, it's all I can think about--you are all I can think about--not like that's anything new. But I hate the long distance--sometimes I miss you so much it hurts. I love you so so very much.

The only thing I love about the military sometimes. When I see him for the first time in months I feel like I fall in love with him again it's as if someone hit the refresh button on our relationship and I see why I love him so much and somehow I love him more each time. ❤

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50 Love Pictures with Quotes

For a while I said I just can't lose you... Then I realized if you weren't willing and able to call me your soulmate and know that I was still the other half of your heart... I had already lost you. How would I ever be able to trust again or feel any certainty that in a month or 6 mos you wouldn't fall back out if love with me again?? The man who pushed so hard to convince me he loved me more than life itself, who argued that he loved me first and so much more, who was desperately afraid of…

Sometimes I pin things like this then delete them because I know you don't love me anymore although I'm not sure if I ever truly stopped loving you. More