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When the band director compliments me....

This happened to me, but slightly different. We were playing a game in class (Jeopardy) and a stopwatch came up. We had to say start to the teacher, wait 10 seconds and call stop within 1 second of buzzing. I did it with 508 milliseconds left on the clock!

ME LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. And people ask me why i am always depressed but i an really just thinking about tøp, mcr, or daydreaming about my own rock band . And i am happy but people dont believe me then say its my music that is making me depressed.

I feel like this is the subtly critical voice in my head every time I fail to read the key signature, dynamic markings, or other small details.

from Fitness Magazine

Fast Belly Blaster: Ab-Toning Resistance Workout

Haha except the common time to me is "i like you" and the cut time is "I love you" because im just that skilled

Reminds me of the good ol' saxophone days in 6th grade. Touching someone else's instrument was an offense punishable by death. XD

And half the time I'll eat in my room PLUS being in the living room with band members akward....

Marching band either makes me super happy, or ridiculously angry and frustrated. There is no in between. And you're felt both at the same time.