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Explore Spl Transientdesigner, Multi Grammy and more!

Joe Chicarelli - Multi-Grammy winner "I've been using the #SPL #TransientDesigner since the last century. The day I demoed the box was the day I purchased it."

Rami Jaffee - Musician, composer, producer, Foo Fighters tour band member "I've turned soo many peeps onto the #TransientDesigner 4. What's not to love?"

Mark Linett - Producer "... I had to get another #TransientDesigner."

Chris Heil - recording & mixing engineer "I use my two #TransientDesigner 4 on every percussive instrument."

Ross Hogarth - Grammy-winning producer/engineer/mixer "I am a huge #TransientDesigner fan and use it on every project I do. Nothing else does what it does."

Tommy Newton - Area 51 Recording Studios, Hannover/Germany "The #SPL #TransientDesigner 4 is one of the most impressive units the audio industry has launched since a very long time".

Sebastian Arocha Morton, Rocasound - Major music credits: Sting, Counting Crows, Floetry, Enrique Iglesias, Chaka Khan, Common, Mary J. Blige. "Nothing has floored me as much as the #SPL #TransientDesigner and #EQRangers."

Rusty Anderson - Singer and songwriter, guitarist for Paul McCartney "I'm really digging on #TransientDesigner."

Achim Lanzendorf - FOH freelancer, Germany "My favorite is the #TransientDesigner 4. No compressor can substitute this effect, which even allows to outwit some shortcomings of some musicians. I use it permanently with kick drums, snares and bass guitars."