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Don't buy the rainbow loom charms! All u need are different kinds of buttons!(in this picture: snowflakes)

The very cool snowflake charm

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Scrapbook invitation - Beauty Frozen invitation - DIY

I was so excited when I finally figured out a party take away for my daughter's Frozen party! The rock candy looks just like ice and the loom bracelets are super popular right now! Then I just bought a snowflake charm and added it to it! (Plus I love making these bracelets:)

#Elsa's (#Frozen) hair snowflakes Put a clear plastic band (rainbow loom size bands) through the hole on a snowflake bead Then just put a bobby pin through both loops Done! If you use bobby pins that match your hair color they will look like they are floating like in Elsa's hair

Snowflake charm fishtail bracelet

Disney Frozen inspired rubberband snowflake bracelets #disney #disneyside #frozen