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Here You Can Watch The Boston Marathon Live & Listen On NewsRadio -

The Boston Marathon Bombers hijacked a car that happened to have a CO EXIST bumper sticker on it. Radical Muslims DON'T WANT TO CO EXIST!! YOU CAN'T TALK SENSE TO THEM. ALL THEY WANT IS Death to Americans!!!

from Christian Patriots

JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11: Nothing Ever Changes

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show September 2013 We live in a time where DHS will categorize an individual as a terrorist is they question on the government on nearly everything. At the risk of being hauled

WHAT ODD GUEST APPEARS TO HAVE SHOWED UP AT THE WHITE HOUSE'S JULY 4TH PARTY FOR MILITARY FAMILIES? -- UPDATE: A law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombing has confirmed to TheBlaze that the person in the photo is Alharbi. [...] 07/10/13 - ***THIS IS A MUST READ!!! OBAMA HAS NO SHAME!!! HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR AMERICA!!! TIME TO KICK HIS @#% OUT!!!

from CBC News

TPP deal 'in best interests' of Canadian economy, Harper says

4/18/13 - Saudi National Deportation: American People Must Demand the Full Story -- ACTS OF WAR DON'T GET FULL IMMUNITY

South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state! HB3101 here we come.ByeBye barry to your ridiculous "health care" that's Nothing but an attempt by you to further destroy OUR COUNTRY and Families (((Real Ones))) by your ineptness.